Social Media for Business


We’ve all heard the saying: You do business with people you know, like and trust.

It’s absolutely true.

You are more likely to work with someone that you know or to buy from a person that has been referred to you by someone whose opinion you trust.

Enter social media.

This medium is fabulous for building rapport with people, be they across the street or across the globe.

As people get to know you via your social media updates and posts, they get to like what you are saying and sharing.

As you share more and more insightful and helpful content with your friends, followers and connections online, they start to trust you as a source they can rely on to provide information and advice in your area of expertise.

This is the true power of social media. It’s social! And it’s available to everyone.

In fact, 70% of small businesses using social media see an increase in traffic to their websites.

You too can harness this power and make it the cornerstone of your online business strategy.

Imagine building a connection with people that love to share and engage with you every time you jump online (and even when you are not!).

That’s right – when you are not.

With social media, you don’t need to be online 24×7. There are ways to set up your various profiles to ensure you maintain connection with your friends and fans even when you are not there.

We can show you how.

So why use Social Media for business?

Social media is not a fad.

Social networking and social media are fundamentally shifting the way we, as a society, communicate.

People now have a voice and a very effective medium upon which to be heard.

In fact, there are over 400 social networking sites out there and they continue to sprout.

We’ve all heard of the big ones – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and now Google+ has entered the arena.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are now considered cornerstones of most social media strategies in larger companies.

Social media has now well and truly ingrained itself in traditional media too.

Listen to the radio? They send you to their Facebook page.

Watch TV? They want you to Tweet along with them on Twitter.

Still not sure?

Watch the following video by Socialnomics for some eye opening statistics on social media.

Social media is here and it’s here to stay.

Get on board now.

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